Learn unreal engine cloth simulation and animation Unreal Engine Cloth Animation

Learn How To Do Amazing Cloth Animation In Unreal Engine

Beginner's Guide To Amazing Real-Time Animation In Unreal Engine! Also Learn The Basics Of Unreal Engine Physics Asset Animation!

What you'll learn:


You will learn how to use the incredibly fun and powerful cloth tools in Unreal Engine in a few easy steps!


You will learn how to get your own free copy of Unreal Engine 4 and you will learn how to use physics assets in Unreal Engine that will interact with clothing and hair


Learn the benefits of "real-time rendering & animation," a true game changer in the industry.  Even cloth animation happens in real-time!  Easy and fun - once you know the simple steps!


No additional software programs are needed to achieve cloth simulation & animation other than Unreal Engine 


Fully rigged and ready to go, Paragon SEVAROG and Paragon NARBASH are included with this course!  
($25.00 retail value)


You will learn how to color grade your scene with HitFilm 3 Express (we'll show you where to get this free program) and upload your finished scene to YouTube

Course Curriculum

Michael Ricks

Course Author

I've been making films and doing visual effects on indie films for over 15 years. When I discovered Unreal Engine 4 I was blown away by it's realistic real-time rendering engine!  I immediately saw that Unreal Engine (UE4) was a game changer and that it had now become possible for a small studio consisting of a few artists to pull off a Hollywood quality feature length animated film!

In the past it would take hours, if not days, to render each frame of an animation, which made it impossible for an independent artist to complete a full length film.  It would literally take years to render all the frames of a movie!

All this has changed with Unreal Engine 4 - the playing field has been leveled and it is now truly up to the talents and skill set of the artist/storyteller to create their vision.  No longer will you be held back due to limitations of technology.

Join with me as we begin a journey in using this awesome tool-set - I think you will find it not only fun, but extremely satisfying on a creative level.

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Russell Morgan


"An excellent introduction to character animation in Unreal Engine 4, an area of the engine I had left alone until this course because it just seemed too big and confusing a topic.  Fortunately, Michael walks you through all the various aspects of it in an intuitive and friendly way.  

Overall I am more than happy about purchasing this course and look forward to creating my own movies using the technology." ~Russell Morgan